Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MCW: The Answer?

Michael Carter-Williams has done nothing but improve since landing in Milwaukee. The second year guard out of Syracuse has never been coveted as a great shooter percentage wise, but this may just be the product of a poor surrounding cast. This year before the Milwaukee/Suns/76ers 3 team trade MCW started 38 games and shot 38% from the field. Since landing in Milwaukee, he has improved that to 43%, a considerable bump followed by the change of scenery and improved roster. MCW is only 23 and not too shabby at 14.6 points per game, 6.7 boards per game, and 5.3 dimes a game in his Sophomore NBA year. Not only that, but with this up and coming Milwaukee team Carter-Williams isn't asked to do it all while learning under one of the best true point guards the league has ever seen. Jason Kidd was a triple-double machine who has got ahold of some pretty promising talent who has proven he can do it all night in and night out.

This may be just what the young buck needs to propel himself into an upper class of fellow point guards. With the pressure of carrying a bottom level team off his back and the shadow of former Buck and All Star snub Brandon Knight getting smaller and smaller, Carter-Williams has found his groove in the current defense first Milwaukee scheme. With his length and athleticism he plugs right in alongside lengthy young players Antetokounmpo, Parker, and Henson. Now that Milwaukee has set its scope on long term success with more focus on the development of this new core group, you can see MCW's confidence build with each late-game minute. Whether it's playing tight, fundamental defense, finding an open teammate, or driving late game on former MVP Derrick Rose, Bucks fans everywhere should feel excited about what he brings and will continue to bring to the table for years to come. Watching any of the highlights in the previous playoff games against the Bulls is nothing but encouraging, in each game he plays Carter-Williams and the Bucks seem to grow in confidence and that kind of edge a title contending team needs. Not saying the Bucks will make a run for a title in this years playoffs, but they have made it quite clear with their new slogan (Own the Future) and their play as of late that they will be a force with maturity, experience, and time. The Eastern Conference seems to have gained a new threat down the road with an up and coming Bucks defense and the development of a future gem at point guard.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why the Milwaukee Bucks need Taj Gibson

The Milwaukee Bucks have been a surprise competitor in the 2014-2015 NBA season. With the trade deadline coming up there are some potential moves that could be put in place to improve their roster heading into the second half of the season/playoffs. When analyzing the teams roster there seems to be no problem with youth, quickness, length, and effort. Brandon Knight has had his best season yet averaging 17.8 points, 5.4 assists, 4.3 rebounds, and 1.6 steals per game (Espn stats). Giannis Antetokounmpo has made massive strides heading into his sophomore season averaging 12 points, 6.6 boards, and 2.2 assists per game (Espn stats). More surprise players contributing are Kris Middleton, Jared Dudley, Jerryd Bayless, John Henson, and even the rebirth of OJ Mayo. The Bucks have also battled their share of adversity with the Torn ACL of their first round pick Jabari Parker and constant troubles of their shot blocking center Larry Sanders. With the improvement at the small ball positions along with great bench scoring, the Bucks are the real deal sitting on 30 wins at the All Star Break. Ultimately with the injury prone Ersan Ilyasova, troublesome Larry Sanders and aging Zaza Pachulia, what do the young Bucks need? A physical specimen and hustle player at the 4. The perfect answer: Taj Gibson.


Taj has been buried by a loaded Bulls frontcourt with the rebirth of Pau Gasol and increased role in rookie Nikola Mirotic (not to mention the presence of Joakim Noah who is returning from injury soon). Taj is an all out kind of player who will get offensive and defensive rebounds, while altering or blocking shots and scoring easy buckets. This is something the Bucks lack and who help propel them to a very dangerous team come playoff time. Taj shoots a little under .500% from the field at .488% (Espn stats), and is pulling in nearly 11 points, 7 rebounds, and a block a night at only 28.5 minutes per game (Espn stats). He is a force on both sides of the ball who knows how to win and is simply becoming wasted talent in Chicago who already sits at the top of the Eastern Conference. The Bucks need to pull the trigger on a deal that would bring the big man North to Milwaukee where he can thrive in a system that plays team basketball alongside high effort and a lack of the forward/center position. Taj, also being 29 has been around the league enough to contribute veteran leadership and a fight that has been the epitome of the injury plagued Chicago Bulls the past couple of seasons. Hopefully for the Bucks sake, they can corral this big man and bring him to a young and promising roster that needs a presence down low. Only time will tell what Milwaukee tries to do.